Go Gettem Kids

Our kids program is a fun, safe environment where children learn practical and safe skills that can protect them in dangerous situations. We teach kids how to respond if a stranger approaches them or how to handle bullies.

They learn jiu-jitsu, boxing and self-defense in a safe, fun environment. We teach them to build coordination and strength while having a great time. Our curriculum focuses on developing the skills needed on and off the mat.

Your child will learn the principles of self-confidence, discipline, focus and respect. We reward hard work and encourage them to push themselves to the highest limits.

Everything we teach will carry over to their lives off the mat and positively impact their behavior, attitude, confidence & physical ability.


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a martial art that focuses on grappling and ground fighting. It promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger, heavier assailant by using leverage and applying submissions. It is an incredible full body workout that engages every muscle in your body. Learn how to handle pressure and remain calm in any situation. We ensure you learn the fundamentals of this incredible sport through detailed instruction in a safe training environment. Coach Hicks has developed a rolling curriculum that is designed to give you a road map to success.

BJJ Fundamentals

This program focuses on the fundamentals skills and techniques needed to advance in your BJJ practice. We systematically introduce you to live drilling and sparring, commonly referred to as rolling. Live drilling and rolling sessions allow you to test your skills in a safe, controlled environment. With the proper understanding of how to apply defensive and offensive techniques you will be prepared to defend yourself on the mats or in the streets.

Advanced BJJ

This program builds on the fundamentals skills and techniques taught in phases 1 & 2. Students will learn advanced techniques and be allowed to grapple during every class. This class offers a more intense level of strength and conditioning training.


Go Gettem Boxing

Boxing Fundamentals

The “sweet science” is one of the oldest and most popular striking arts. It is a skillful craft that involves strategy and forethought – much like a chess match. Coach Hicks’ boxing curriculum is second to none. He teaches you how to deliver striking blows using proper technique while maximizing power. This program is a full body workout that will teach you the fundamentals of proper foot and hand work, how to generate maximum power and create striking opportunities. You will learn these techniques in a fast paced, insanely fun class that will leave you feeling great and raring for more.

Advanced Boxing

This program builds on the fundamentals taught in the beginner courses. In addition to learning advanced techniques, this course includes offers a more intense level of strength and conditioning training. In this class, students will be allowed to spar with proper equipment and supervision.