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Come see for yourself what training at Hicks MMA is all about! Join us for 2 free classes if you live in or near Carrollton TX, Coppell TX, Flower Mound TX, Lewisville TX, Plano TX, The Colony TX.

“I love the women’s bootcamp class with self defense class! I also love the children’s class, being able to see them grow and learn with each time my son goes! *”

-Felicia Garza

“Coach Hicks is one of the most knowledgeable coaches I’ve ever had the privilege of training with. If you’re looking for excellent instruction from someone who truly cares about you and not just your money, I would highly recommend that you give him a call today. *”

-Rick Hardwick

“Womens boot camp is awesome. I leave feeling empowered and more aware. Coach Hicks is great giving guidance how to handle yourself in certain scenarios. We also learn basic martial arts defense which might save my life someday. It is also a great workout without being too insane! I am a mom of 3 after all! My son is also in the kids mma classes and loves it. Coach Nathan is patient and really knows how to keep him engaged in class. It’s a great way for my son to learn self defence and discipline. He listens better, follows instuctions more precisely and now knows how to respect others. All this at the age of 3. *”

-Erin Elmore

“Coach Hicks is an awesome MMA, BJJ instructor for kids to adults. highly recommend! *”

-Michael Thomas

“Some schools will teach you and you will respect it. Some will teach and you will love it. If you do just one or the other, you will always appreciate it, but it will never become part of you. Coach Hicks brand of coaching is second to none, I have found a gym that feels like home! *”

-Joe Avila

“Marcus Hicks helped take my jiujitsu to the next level in very little time. Clear and easy to follow instruction. I have gotten stronger than I’ve ever been working out here. Coach Hicks pushes & motivates you to succeed and won’t let you quit. Built like an old school boxing gym its a place where you learn dedication, discipline & respect. *”

-Nate Garza

“I’ve been a a Marcus Hicks fan since I was a white belt 9 years ago. The man knows his game standing or ground. *”

-Drew Ratichek

“One of the last original mixed martial arts gyms around these guys are the real deal. *”

-Jamaal Lawson

“Hicks MMA is the real deal. Hard work, dedication, teamwork, and skill. A great fighting system!! *”

-Stuart Smith

“Great coach and I’ve had the pleasure of training with Marcus directly. Sure fire way to improve conditioning, and self-defense. Not to mention he’s an awesome person. *”

-Eric Massey

“Old school at it’s finest! #GoGettem *”

-Krystle Chapa

“This is an investment in myself, if you’re looking for a place to learn how to protect yourself and to get into better physical/mental shape this is the place for you. In my first year at Hicks MMA I have lost over 40 lbs and feel better than ever. This is more than a gym this is a lifestyle and a family. *”

-Clay Ewell

“Hicks MMA is an incredible place to achieve your goals, whether it’s to lose weight, build endurance, increase stamina, build confidence, improve your skills, or get in overall shape! Oh and that’s right, you also learn how to kick some butt and defend yourself along the way :). I’ve learned so much from the adult classes, and am building a family with like-minded individuals who care about health…, fitness, and representing mixed martial arts the right way. I am blessed to be able to train alongside people of all ages, including parents, singles, people trying to get in shape, and professional fighters!! You will never get an experience like that in a normal gym! I can’t wait to enroll my kids into the children’s classes as well! Come meet Coach Hicks and see why everyone who’s trained here loves it! *”

-Sean Sy